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Creations in a retro style, with a modern twist. Rubinetterie Treemme has always sought to offer our customers the finest solutions for inviting elegant interiors. This is precisely the aim of the CLASSIC catalogue: each piece takes a strongly traditional approach that borrows heavily from the classic style.

Rubinetterie Treemme designers are fully aware that the warmth of classic style has no equal.

The PICCADILLY series is emblematic of this awareness, and boasts a distinctive character, with a personal, reassuring touch, and a wealth of emotions and memories of a past that has never been so close: these are the predominant sensations that emerge from this range. This is also evident in the modern twist given to the range, which highlights its appealing geometries and design while taking nothing away from the classic approach.

Fashions change, evolve and fade, yet classic style remains ever-present in our homes, building bridges between generations and continuing to enchant with its inviting lines.