Ceiling anti-limescale shower-head

The purity of volcanic lava from Mount Etna makes its way into your bathroom with this range crafted in Etnite, a non-slip, antibacterial, resistant material.
The Rubinetterie Treemme collections are guided by research and innovation, seeking to explore new avenues in terms of style and function. From the shapes to the materials used, each option offers an opportunity for growth and enrichment, for a company that aims to guarantee its customers only the absolute best. The ceaseless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions has led to the creation of the ARCHÈ bathroom taps range, conceived by Danilo Fedeli and crafted using a distinctive material known as Etnite. This innovative, entirely natural compound is made from the volcanic lava of Mount Etna, and boasts non-slip, draining, natural properties, with an unmistakable texture. It is also antibacterial and shock resistant. The products in this range also comprise mixer taps with a waterfall jet. Especially attractive are the beautifully practical versions with coloured Swarovski crystal inserts, offering a perfect blend of form and substance.