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1. When will my new card be ready

The normal time for manufacturing is 6 to 8 weeks. You can sms your id number to 33214 on a regular basis for updates

2. Where can I check if I have fines against my name

Online License can check, clear and pay that for you.

3. Can you help me with a new ID card

Unfortunately not. Make use of your nearest Home Affairs office.

4. I lost my card / stolen card

As easy as pie…Just whatsapp the word “Website” to 0825133922

5. Do I need a temporary license

Only if your license expired, got lost or stolen. You will need to take your id and copy, 1 id photo and eye test from Spec Savers or Torga with you. You can get a temporary license from any testing centre without an appointment. If your license expired, you need to get a online appointment from me in order to get your temporary license.

6. My license card expired some years ago

Not a problem. It is a normal application with temporary license.

7. Do I have to pay a fine if card expired

Not yet, but don’t take advantage from it because they are busy changing the system.

8. What is PRDP

PRDP is a special permit that one need if they transport live stock, goods or people for an income…like a taxi or bus driver.

9. I lost my ID and need to get a temporary license

You can go to any Home Affairs Office for a temporary ID or you can use your passport if it is valid

10. Do I need a medical report

You need a medical report if you apply for a PRDP.

11. Can someone collect my card on my behalf

Yes they can, or you can make use of our courier service…Simply WhatsApp the word “Courier” to 0711729887

12. Can I book in any area / proof of residence

You can book in any area and you don’t need any proof of residence.

13. When do I need to apply for my new card

You can apply at any stage. There are no restrictions. As long as you do it before the expiry date on the card.